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Affordable Charter Fishing in Gulf Shores, AL

Captain Brent at Fishing Made Ezy offers fun and affordable charter fishing trips in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Come enjoy inshore and nearshore fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast!

Are you planning a trip to Gulf Shores, AL, later this year or next?  Maybe you’re already in the area, looking for some interesting activities to enjoy during your stay.  Charter fishing is a not-to-be-missed experience for visitors to the Alabama Gulf Coast.  

There are many recreational pursuits that you can explore just about anywhere in the country, but saltwater or estuarine fishing is limited by location.  While you’re near the Gulf of Mexico, we invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to try some fishing.  It’s an entertaining and fun experience for people of all ages, provides a unique perspective of this beautiful part of the world—and gives you the chance to enjoy eating a delicious fish that you caught yourself!

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Nearshore fishing in Orange Beach Alabama

Low-Cost Fishing Trips in the Gulf Shores Area

Vacations are expensive, and these days it can be particularly difficult to fit everything you want to do into your shrinking budget.  If you’re trying to squeeze every last penny out of your vacation dollar, Fishing Made Ezy can help!  We offer an affordable alternative to offshore fishing that is every bit as enjoyable and exciting as other types of charter fishing.  With our quality fishing charters, you can have a wonderful time and catch amazing fish without spending nearly as much money—great fishing at cheap prices.  

We’re able to keep your charter fishing costs down by offering inshore and nearshore fishing for visitors to coastal Alabama.  
Are you familiar with these terms?  If not, here’s an explanation:

Inshore Fishing in Gulf Shores

“Inshore” basically means that the boat stays closer to shore, including more sheltered salt and estuarine waters in the Gulf Shores area.  Our inshore fishing charter trips can include visits to a variety of interesting fishing locations.  You can enjoy back bay, inlet, and canal fishing—and if the weather permits, we can also take our inshore fishing guests up to 3 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, if desired.  

These inshore fishing trips provide stunning views of the Alabama Gulf Coast landscape and local wildlife, in addition to great fishing.  You’ll have the chance to reel in a variety of delicious and attractive species like redfish, speckled trout, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, flounder, and more.  

Inshore fishing is a smart choice for people looking for a deal on charter fishing.  Our inshore trips cost much less than the typical deep sea equivalent, but they can be every bit as much fun.  In fact, inshore fishing may be better than the alternative, in some ways.  For instance, the waters tend to be calmer in the spots we visit, which is good for families with young children or anyone prone to motion sickness.  Also, because we spend less time traveling to our destination, you get to start fishing sooner and spend more of your booking actually fishing.  

There’s a lot to love about inshore charter fishing!

Nearshore Fishing in Gulf Shores

If you prefer a fishing experience out on the open water, our nearshore fishing charters provide the perfect balance between inshore and deep sea fishing.  You and up to 3 others can venture out into the Gulf of Mexico and fish for exciting species like snappers, grouper, and triggerfish.  The weather will determine how far out into the Gulf we can go, but on calm days, we might travel up to 9 miles away from shore.

Nearshore fishing is a thrilling experience, offering many of the same benefits you’d enjoy with offshore fishing.  The main differences are cost and time spent traveling.  With our nearshore charter fishing trips, we’ll take less of your day to get to our destination, and you’ll be able to start fishing sooner.  This also translates to lower prices for you, since we’re using less fuel.  

As for the fish you can catch on our nearshore charter trips, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  After all, you’ll be in the same gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, hooking many of the same species of fish you’d catch even much further out.  You’re simply saving yourself some time and money by staying closer to shore.   A nearshore fishing experience with Fishing Made Ezy is sure to be a memorable adventure for you and your group!

Budget-Friendly Charter Fishing at the Alabama Beaches

When you book a fishing trip with Fishing Made Ezy, you can count on a fun and entertaining day for your group, led by an experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly captain.  Captain Brent was born and raised in the Gulf Shores area, with over thirty years of experience in fishing and shrimping on the northern Gulf Coast.  He has a passion for fishing and loves to share the benefit of his knowledge with his guests, guiding them to the best spots and providing helpful tips and tricks.  If anyone in your group is new to fishing, don’t worry!  Captain Brent can show you the basics, and in no time at all you’ll be reeling them in.  

Families, groups of friends, people celebrating a special occasion—groups of all kinds can enjoy inshore or nearshore fishing with Fishing Made Ezy!  Captain Brent’s Sportsman Masters 227, the KinzleeJane, can accommodate up to 6 passengers for inshore fishing and up to 4 passengers for nearshore fishing or shrimping and dolphin tours.  

Captain Brent has a range of charter fishing trip options available for people visiting Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Bay, and surrounding areas.  We provide all necessary license, bait, tackle, and other equipment.  We’ll even fillet and bag your catch for your convenience!  You just need to show up in comfortable clothes, with any food, drink, or sun protection you require—and leave the rest to us.   

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