Perdido Bay | Gulf Shores | Orange Beach, Alabama

Services & Rates

(Shrimping and fishing option not available the month of May due to season closure.)

(The 4 and 5 hour nearshore trips are only available May 1st thru September 31st.)

    Includes all licenses, bait, tackle, rods & reels.

 Will also fillet & bag all fish for you to take home & enjoy!!

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing charter trips include back bay, inlet, and canal fishing opportunities.  On calm days, our nearshore fishing trips can also take you up to 3 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico.  Our inshore charter fishing trips offer amazing views of the local wildlife and beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast landscape, and of course the fishing is excellent.  You can catch a wide range of species of fish that are both fun to reel in and delicious to eat, including redfish, speckled trout, mangrove snapper, flounder, sheepshead, and many more inshore species.  

Inshore fishing gives you the chance to enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience with the following big positives:

  • Inshore fishing charters generally cost less than deep sea fishing or nearshore fishing.
  • There’s less travel time involved, so you can reach your fishing spots more quickly and get your hook in the water faster.
  • With inshore fishing, you can usually expect to enjoy calmer waters, which is great for kids or people who sometimes experience motion sickness.

Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore fishing charters are a middle ground between inshore fishing and deep sea fishing.  When you book one of our nearshore fishing trips, we take your group of up to 4 people out into the Gulf of Mexico.  On calmer days, we may go as far as 9 miles from shore.  You’ll be able to fish for a variety of snappers and other exciting Gulf fish, such as triggerfish and grouper.  

Nearshore fishing offers your family or group of friends the chance to experience the thrill of fishing on the Gulf without spending quite so much time traveling to your destination, compared to offshore fishing.  You can get started fishing more quickly—and spend significantly less than you would to travel out to deeper waters, where you’d be angling for many of the same species of fish that you can hook on a nearshore trip.  

Our nearshore fishing charters are a unique and memorable adventure!  

(Please note that nearshore fishing is only available May 1st thru September 31st.)

Nearshore fishing in Orange Beach Alabama