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Spring Break 2024: Go Inshore Charter Fishing in Gulf Shores, AL!

Fishing Made Ezy offers affordable inshore and nearshore fishing charters in Gulf Shores, Alabama, for Spring Break 2024!

Are you planning on heading to the Alabama Gulf Coast for your 2024 Spring Break vacation?  Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are excellent destinations for a springtime beach getaway:  The weather’s warm, but not too hot, and the crowds aren’t at their summertime peak.  Whether you’re a family with kids or a group of students looking forward to a rest from studying, coastal Alabama has a lot to offer.  In addition to the beaches, we have delicious fresh seafood and plenty of activities for people of all ages and interests.  

If you’re looking for a great outing that everyone in your group can enjoy, we suggest charter fishing!  The Gulf Shores area has world-class fishing, and spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunity.  The water’s warming up again, fish are biting, and you can be among the first groups to go fishing after the wintertime lull.  Less competition and a rejuvenated fish population—sounds like a winning combination to us!

For a thrilling yet affordable charter fishing experience in Gulf Shores during your Spring Break visit, we suggest choosing an inshore charter! These charters provide all the fun and excitement of more expensive offshore fishing trips but at a significantly lower cost. Captain Brent at Fishing Made Ezy provides inshore fishing adventures that are the perfect budget-friendly option.  Enjoy the thrills and memory-making opportunities of a fishing trip with family or friends without overspending on your charter.

Interested in booking a competitively priced inshore fishing charter in Gulf Shores? Call Captain Brent at 251-961-7783 for an unforgettable fishing adventure!

Nearshore and inshore Spring Break fishing charters in Gulf Shores, AL.

Affordable Spring Break Fishing Trips in the Gulf Shores Area

Money is tight for a lot of us today, and we’re all trying to get the most value out of every dollar, even on vacation.  If you’re searching for ways to have a great 2024 Spring Break beach trip without breaking your budget, we have a suggestion:  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars more for a deep sea fishing trip, book an inshore or nearshore charter instead!  

With our inshore and nearshore spring fishing options, you don’t have to give up on that charter fishing trip you’ve been looking forward to.  At Fishing Made Ezy, charter fishing in Gulf Shores is still within reach!  We offer budget-friendly options that give you the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic fishing experience.  You can catch many of the same fish that you would in offshore waters, but at a more affordable price. Have a wonderful day on the water—create those cherished memories with family and friends—enjoy the thrill of the catch, all without stretching your budget too thin.

Spring Break Inshore Fishing at the Alabama Beaches

Never heard of inshore fishing before?  It simply means that your chartered boat will remain nearer the coastline, often staying in the more closed-off or sheltered waters in the Gulf Shores area.  On these inshore excursions, we have a variety of brackish and estuarine fishing spots to choose from, such as inlets, canals, and back bay areas. If the weather is favorable, we can even head out to the Gulf of Mexico, but always ensuring we stay within three miles of the shoreline.

What Benefits Do Inshore Fishing Charters Have to Offer?

Inshore fishing is affordable for a broader range of budgets.

Why is inshore fishing a cheaper option than offshore?  Basically, it boils down to the fact that we don’t need as big of a boat when we stay closer to shore, and we won’t use as much fuel to get to our inshore fishing spots.  The result is still a fun and interesting fishing experience, but with more money left in your wallet at the end of the day!


You’ll spend less time traveling to your destination.

When you book a charter fishing trip, you’re paying by the hour.  If your charter takes you far out into the Gulf, that can eat into the time you’ve booked.  With inshore fishing, it takes less time to get where we’re going, so you’re getting the most fishing time possible out of your booking.  The shorter travel time is also good for families with kids (or kids-at-heart) who are impatient to get started fishing!


With inshore fishing, you typically enjoy calmer waters.

On an inshore fishing excursion, we’ll often visit fishing spots that are located in more sheltered locations.  This usually translates to calmer waters and a more relaxing, comfortable fishing experience for anyone who might suffer from motion sickness in choppy water.  


Inshore fishing offers beautiful views and interesting scenery.

With an offshore charter, you have less to look at while you fish, apart from the water and the sky.   Fishing on an inshore charter isn’t just about the catch; it’s also an opportunity to see the local landscape from a new angle and perhaps encounter some native wildlife.  Combine angling with sightseeing and double your enjoyment!


There are excellent fishing opportunities!

Never fear that all the “good fish” can only be caught further from shore, because that simply isn’t the case.  In fact, you can catch many of the same gorgeous and delicious fish species while inshore fishing that you’d catch several miles out.  We catch things like redfish, speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, and many more in the Gulf Shores area. 

How About Some Nearshore Fishing for Your Spring Break Vacation?

Consider nearshore fishing a compromise between inshore and offshore charters.  With our nearshore charters, we can take groups of up to four anglers further out into the Gulf.  If the weather is calm enough, we may be able to go as many as 9 miles out.  On a nearshore charter, we often target snappers, grouper, and triggerfish, some of the same species you’d try to catch while deep sea fishing.  

Nearshore fishing in Gulf Shores gives you a thrilling fishing adventure for less money, largely because we’ll use less fuel.  Another benefit of nearshore charters is that there’s less distance to travel to get to our fishing spots.  Get your hook in the water sooner and maximize your time!  Our nearshore charters are an affordable way to make those amazing memories and catch some impressive fish on your 2024 Spring Break trip!

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2024 Spring Break Fishing Charters at the Alabama Beaches

Join Captain Brent from Fishing Made Ezy for a memorable fishing trip aboard his boat, the KinzleeJane, a Sportsman Masters 227. With over three decades of experience in fishing and shrimping along the Gulf Coast, Captain Brent is not only skilled but also passionate about sharing the joy of fishing with his guests.  If you’re new to fishing or would like some tips from an expert in recreational angling, he’s more than happy to teach you the basics.

Captain Brent ensures that everything required for your fishing adventure is provided. All you need to bring are drinks, snacks, and sun protection for your group. Remember to dress comfortably, and come ready for a fun-filled day of fishing!

2024 Spring Break charter fishing for inshore and nearshore fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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